In early 2011, Canadian Coffee giant Tim Horton’s across Canada began a collecting customer feedback by showing an in-store point of purchase display that gave customers the option to fill in a comment card, go online to, or to scan a QR Code that redirects users to an online comment card that was optimized for  smart phones.

During that first part of 2011, Tim Horton’s got almost 100,000 responses and 53% of those responses we via scanned QR codes.

Tim Horton's QR Code Comment Cards

Using QR codes (and the associated smart phone optimized web site) to streamline the collection of customer comments worked out great for Tim Horton’s!

Comment Box allows your business to collect customer feedback like Tim Horton’s does without having to build a custom comment collection software application.  Learn more about how you can create your own virtual comment box in minutes!



Sources: Our local Tim Horton’s as well as 6 Ways to Use QR Codes That Are Actually Useful ( and Tim Horton’s operator Michael Di Stasi’s Twitter Feed


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