Here’s Why:

Customers Love Comment Box

  • People love using their smart phones! You are presenting them with a cutting edge way of delivering their comments directly to you. You are connecting with a new generation of consumers.
  • Comment Box is Anonymous. People are uncomfortable giving criticism to others. Every card is anonymous so it’s discrete way for a customer to give you honest feedback.
  • Customers love free stuff! By spending 30 seconds leaving feedback, they could win a prize. The chance to win a prize means high participation and more customer feedback.
  • Customers love the opportunity to get special offers in the future! For customers who choose to, they can easily make their email address available to you for your mailing list. You get to build the relationship further (which translates into more business) and the customer gets specials offers. It’s win-win!
  • The customer’s privacy is protected! Email addresses are never shared unelss the customer specifically opts-in. That kind of peace of mind is appreciated.