Here are some questions we are frequently asked about Comment Box:

  Who Uses Comment Box?

Why not just use paper comment cards?
Sure, you could use a printable comment card, but one of our customers put it best: “My staff throw out the bad comment cards and only give me the good ones.” Comment Box ‘bypasses the middle man’ and delivers the comments directly to you (instantly and privately).

Is Comment Box only for restaurants looking for more customer feedback?
No. Comment Box is not only for restaurants. It is for anyone, anywhere who is looking for an easy-to-use customer feedback app!

What other businesses find Comment Box useful?
The short answer to that question is “any business that is interested in collecting feedback from its customers.” Some examples include: hotels, movie theatres, cafes, retail stores, service companies (auto repair shops, etc), large companies looking to collect feedback internally from their employees and the list goes on!

  Tell me about the cost.

How much does Comment Box cost?
You have the option to have a standard, fully functioning Comment Box for exactly $0. Comment Box is the best free way to collect feedback!

Free? Come on, what’s the catch?
There isn’t one. Seriously. People who create accounts now will lock-in the current Comment Box features for free, forever.

In the future there will be different ‘levels’ of Comment Box. The first level will be a “Free Forever” Standard Account. It will have many great features. Other levels will have more features but will cost a little bit per month. But don’t worry, those who get an account now won’t lose any features in the future and we won’t ask you for money for those features down the road. It’s our way of saying to early adopters: “thanks for using Comment Box!”

  You handle email addresses and prize draws. What about keeping information private?

How does Comment Box handle privacy?
Keeping an end users’s email address private is required for Comment Box to work. People need to feel comfortable and know they are in full control of their anonymity when sending comments to a Comment Box owner. We talk a lot more about privacy on our Comment Box Privacy page.

How about when data is transferred and stored?
Comment Box collects customer feedback and stores and presents it to you in a private administration area. Comment Box is many times more secure than a ‘paper’ comment box!

  Using Comment Box

Do I need to download an app? Do my customers need to down load an app?
Nobody needs to download an app. Comment Box is designed to be simple and fast and we kind of feel like making people download and install an app works against this!

Do my customers require a phone to access my Comment Box to leave feedback?
No. Comment Box is accessible by desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablet devices. All the user needs is a connection to the Internet and a browser.

Do my customers have to use a QR code scanner to access Comment Box?
Nope. Comment Box offers your customers a quick way to access your Comment Box by scanning your dedicated QR code to be taken automatically to your Comment Box but they can also get there by typing in your Comment Box’ URL ( Two easy ways to get to your Comment Box!

  You have two urls. Please explain.

What is
The Comment Box secure app exists at When you sign up, you will be taken to the private Comment Box at The sites are the same – it’s all Comment Box!

What is ‘’? 
That is the private and password protected area where Comment Box users log in to view customer comments, edit their account, print out tags and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Why ‘’?
We (and we hope you too as a Comment Box customer) want people who leave customer comments to “Be Honest”. So why not ask them to do that in the URL? Also, it fits a whole lot better on tags (such as a billfold, table tent etc) then ‘’.

  More Questions? Let’s Talk.

Do you have a question for us? Why not send us an email at We love to talk about Comment Box!