Always be listening for Customer FeedbackIn a few short weeks, it is the start of a brand new year. Why not do something new that will directly help you improve your business?

The idea of collecting customer feedback is nothing new. It is a proven and successful way of hearing what your customers think of you. And believe me, they will tell you exactly how they feel: good or bad.

But isn’t that the sort of thing that you want to know? Sure, negative feedback stings a little, but it provides the most direct path to making improvements. Your customers are telling you specifically what you can — and should — do to make their experience better. We all know that a happy customer means more sales over the long run.

Give your customers a way to give you feedback anonymously and privately and you will get lots of actionable ideas on how to make your business better. To learn more about how Comment Box works, have a look at our quick overview on how it collects customer feedback for you.

Best of luck in 2013!

Image based on Photo: State Library of New South Wales collection

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