Who Wants More Customer CommentsWe have written before about getting more customer comments, but forgive us — it bears repeating. If you want to collect comments from customers, Comment Box is perfectly suited for this task.

There, we said it (again).

It’s the most direct way to hear from your customers. And hey! It’s the most easy to use customer comment collection tool out there!

As a manager or owner of a business that has customers or clients of some sort (who doesn’t), any way to hear back from them in an honest way and then react to their comments by making improvements will ultimately make their experience more positive.

Comment Box provides a simple way for your customers to leave comments privately.

If you’d like to learn more about how it can help improve your business (like it has for many others), take a look at our “29 second” overview.


May we also suggest reading more about how Comment Box works on our customer comments discussion page?

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