Customer Feedback supercharges your business!As the Comment Box user-base grows, we are constantly amazed by the creative and unique ways people are using it as a tool to collect customer feedback.

While Comment Box is a simple tool for restaurants to get direct, private feedback, companies in other industries interesting in hearing directly from their customers are using Comment Box as well. Whether it’s a doctor or dentist’s office, the local fitness center, an auto repair shop or any other retail business, Comment Box is a great tool for helping you get direct, clear feedback from your most important asset: your customers.

We’re also finding that Comment Box can be a useful tool for Realtors, Financial Planners and other service oriented lines of business. Your private Comment Box can be linked to from your email signature, printed on a business card or flyer, or even bench ad.

The use of Comment Box is only limited by your creativity, so give it a try and see for yourself how easy it is to begin collecting useable, private feedback right away.

Take a moment to learn more about how collecting customer feedback with Comment Box can help improve your business with our “29 second” overview.


Get the scoop on how Comment Box works on the customer comments discussion page

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